Zaterdag 1 april 2023
Aanvang: 19:00

Holy Havoc Festival 2023

Entree: 14,00 - tickets
Locatie: Radarzaal + Kapel

Een avond, twee stages. Een gloednieuwe avond in Popradar. Als je van alternatieve muziek houdt, mag je deze allereerste editie niet missen!

Old meets new. Holy meets Havoc.
Wat ooit een religieuze kostschool was, is nu een creatieve broedplaats voor alternatieve muziek. 

Het programma bestaat uit up and coming en gevestigde alternatieve bands. Het festival vindt plaats in in de Radarzaal (voormalig Leatitiazaal) en in de bijzondere kapel van Popradar. Tickets zijn 14 euro en hier te krijgen. Vol = vol!

HEATH (Radarzaal 22:30 - 23:30)

Those looking for three-and-a-half-minute hits are searching in the wrong place. Odd time signatures, blazing harmonica, and hypnotic guitars with a fuzzy 60’s tone form the enigmatic ‘Heath Sound’. The boys have built up quite a reputation in the Hague and beyond for their exhilarating live performances. A combination of structured jams, narrative lyrics, sound scaping and all-round psychedelics will take the Holy Havoc audience for a ride. 

ALISON'S FALL (Radarzaal 21:00 - 21:45)

With their brand-new EP ‘Bad Time Stories under their belt, siblings Floortje and Pepijn van der Kooy are ready to rock Holy Havoc with their dirty, fuzzy rock music. Alison’s Fall is ready for anything thrown at them. As the crazy, filthy guitar riffs created by Pepijn, explode into sound from silence. The bass lines by Floortje, crawl around with the rhythm section, hissing with venom and lust. All the while she sings with a mystery and seduction, inviting you in and to never let you go.

LOVETH BESAMOH (Riot Chapel 21:45 - 22:30)

Loveth is no stranger to playing in churches, growing up as a church percussionist in Cameroon. After moving to the Netherlands, he developed his own unique style from various influences. Backed by his eclectic band, Loveth comes rocking our Holy Havoc chapel with his blend of Electronica, afro rock, jazz, post-punk, and soul.

MY GIRLFRIEND (Riot Chapel 20:15 - 21:00)

Take a catchy chorus, add a raw-yet-easy-to-dance-to vibe, and then mix that with some growling riffs. My Girlfriend sounds like the lovechild of The Wombats and Blood Red Shoes. My Girlfriend will take on the Holy Havoc chapel MTV unplugged style wherein charismatic singer Gijs Schouten will take on the role of a true master of ceremony.

ZUSTER ZONNEBLOEM (Radarzaal 19:30 - 20:15)

We are starting off with a ton of love and sunshine! With their old school psychedelic 70’s sound, Zuster Zonnebloem (Sister Sunflower) is both vulnerable dreamy and crisp, as well as rough raw and out of control. Passion, love, and chemistry seeps through their performance while singer Hanne Brunekreeft pours her heart out through her hard-hitting and personal lyrics. Zuster Zonnebloem will open the Holy Havoc main stage on April 1st!